martedì 29 giugno 2010

fallimenti e curiosità

Una luna che brilla solo per chi si dimentica di volerla guardare

Piedi e pagine,

Foglie, pesci e alghe.

sabato 26 giugno 2010

2005 June, 19

nel silenzio
gocciola la pioggia
è cenere sopra la mia pelle

venerdì 25 giugno 2010

It tastes like freedom

Così, annusi l'aria, a un certo punto

E pensi che un sogno forse può influenzare la realtà
E allora ok, se possono mettere le ali anche le rotoballe
E volare via, nella loro fuga scomposta
Perché allora no?

giovedì 24 giugno 2010

Wave of mutilation

i will never be rescued

mercoledì 23 giugno 2010


My fingers tip nevously on the back of your letters, trying to find the shape of all this to come.
My head is just a cage for my rusty thoughts
Which cannot flow away as they wish to.
I write down my heart not to overshine
The little light that's in it.
I've dared not to explode
But i'm made of iced fire

lunedì 21 giugno 2010

Burbling and questioning

Billions of things to chose
Billions of things not to be chosen.

Blatero e m'interrogo.

Weariness and sadness take turns, blended with unconscious silence and inability to share my words.

I've been misunderstanding for years what were happening around me,
and now I feel tired and hurt and I can barely guess who's next to me.
Friend and enemies are all mixed up, they may not exist at all, they do melt, they disappear

I feel the sense of time and loss
In these nights, where the milky stars can't but suggest my changing,
In these days, where the sun is hidden among rainy wishes
And when the wind is just a wave in my heart.

venerdì 18 giugno 2010

certe scelte si scelgono da sole

un pugno di riso

cammina cammina cammina

giovedì 17 giugno 2010

smells like mistakes

My melancholy morning

Cuts on my finger tips
They taste like childhood.

Day after after day
I sense my stay
And I wonder where else could I be
And I wander looking for nothing to be sought

Tumbling down

A brand new life which smells like past
Bite by bite, piece by piece

On the land, on the water
Wherever I could cast my shadow.
ti tolgono l'entusiasmo
ti tolgono la voglia di fare

martedì 15 giugno 2010


canticchio canzoni che non conosco
preparo cose di cui mi dimentico

faccio progetti e mi scotto col sale.

lunedì 14 giugno 2010

by this river

oggi un fiume m'ha accolto nel suo letto, cullato e trascinato.
e ora il mio letto mi accoglierà come un piccolo sasso stanco.

venerdì 11 giugno 2010

Fish eye

Bones and scales.
My belly says I'd better calm down.
I stare for hours my fish, in my mind resound the words of a song.

I come here with the head fulfilled with muddy ideas, and I haven't written things of interest, so far.
I have to wish.
I have to make up my day.

giovedì 10 giugno 2010


Lunghi solchi di foglie appena nate

Semi caduti dalle mie dita
Sudore e fango


Terra addosso, come una bambina, terra e fango
Seduta a guardare le piante
A giocare con l'acqua

Costretta alla pazienza

martedì 8 giugno 2010

please, tell me I'm wrong
'cause I couldn't stand knowing you're against me.

мечта и кошмар

Un po' cercare l'espiazione attraverso il dolore.

Ma mi sono stancata di cercare

Я ненавижу свет.

A dream of you under my bed, yellow blankets, hiding from the real world.

figures that melt in my brain, hands and prayers

i have no words to describe what my feelings are, what I see when I open my eyes after a night of dreams or nightmares

young and brave, i'm getting lost among the pages of a book.
i stare at the life that is growing outside my room, a little, plain word of green water and mud. my horizon is flat, and i don't want to wish for tomorrow, just wait for today to end in a suicide sunset and a restless night. who wouldn't be able to forget about everything and just dream like this?

Я ненавижу свет
Однообразных звезд.
Здравствуй, мой древний бред,-
Башни стрельчатой рост!

sabato 5 giugno 2010

fool enough.

c'è poco da fare
whatever you choose you choose to lose.

try to hold on with a person you cut off
try to make it up with some failure of yours
try to keep it easy, live it up,

you've just shone out
the night has come
the moonlight will hide and reveal
illusion, delusion, hope.

nothing to be found among the shadows,
only shadows


Just leave it off and go, somewhere.

Me and my фотоаппарат, looking for something to dream.

venerdì 4 giugno 2010

Voglio rinascere papavero

At a certain point prevails the idea that it's not fair for me to hide. I've begun to tell one flower from another, I started to love weeds.  And I dance on the rhythm of the inner music played inside my brain.

I made out the shape of a dead pigeon on the street, and kept walking.

giovedì 3 giugno 2010


Quiet evening, watching something I thought I forgot, or I wish I had forgotten.
I write messages which have never been sent, and sometimes they find their own answer in the bliss of silence.

Hair and lipstick, dead memories and ghosts lost long time ago. 
There's much to be seen, yet, right on the corner of my eye. But as the (s)age taught us, as far as I turn my head everythin's gone.

I may seem to have given up chasing happyness at any cost, and maybe that's the way to find a smile instead of the same old grin I've got used to.

I lose myself beyond the leaves, and I feel blessed by the poppy god. what?

I guess it's just another way to commit suicide. Gazing the lake pass by, beyond the window, looking at the trees, and land, and trees, and land. Each time I came across this landscape I intended to freeze it in a picture. Yellow and green, poppies and daisies, blade of grass and clouds and oaks and water and leaves and soil and.
And  I just put it off day after day (after day after day) since one day just black deep furrows all lined up, black and deep.
There was a шутка I red once, somewhere, about crows and rows.

mercoledì 2 giugno 2010

Дождливое небо

The rain is a promise, a foretold wish. The tolling of the thunders resound in my hears, and my eyes are filled with clouds. I wander in the grassland, red shadows and red shamrocks, 

Asking myself 
I never answer back.
The first drop catches my thoughts to the edge, today might be a revelation, tomorrow just a memory.
What I deserved to wish, so far? I have to try lying in a flowerbed, I need ants and bees and grubs and me and you and nothing else.
I want to get lost in this forest of weed.

Blue lights

Swollen like the tongue of a choking man, dreams are stifling my nights. The anguish haunting the gloomy awakenings, night and nightmares melt my wishes, are they made of wax or illusion?
Embraces and violence, violence in dead eyes and a grin lost for a smile.  The stream of my dread thoughts drifts me away to a place that I can't tell to be real. Breathless and dumb, I can just hope to be brought back to my bed, under the frame of a pale gray night.

martedì 1 giugno 2010

I wish I was

Girini rospi foglie e desideri
Il mondo vortica in un universo circoscritto

E io che cerco di non restare in questa stanza
Mi chiedo quali siano le mie nuove pareti di riferimento.

Buffo come le angosce spariscano dietro una foglia bagnata dal sole.